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"Late Bloom," A Harp in the Stars, October 2021

"Certification of Righteousness," Guernica, September 2020

"Leaves," New Flash Fiction Review, December 2019

"Positive I Don't Have a Uterus," The Butter, May 2015


"Unforgettable: Becoming an Amnesiac's Memory," Electric Literature, May 2016


"Bus Story," No Tokens, Issue 2, May 2015


"Floor in the Afternoon," short story, Oxalis, May 2015


"Everything a Woman Should Have," short story, Cultural Weekly, August 2014


"Spree," short story, Eleven Eleven, Issue 15, September 2013


“God Time,” short story, Joyland, October 2012


Hoodoo, novel. Published by in serialized format, beginning March, 2012.

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Photo credit: Caitlin Myer

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