Caitlin Myer's home is her suitcase. In the past six years, she's been on five continents and has lived in several countries. Follow her journey on Night Walk.

Myer completed a residency in spring of 2012 at MacDowell Colony, where she was recipient of a fellowship from the Rona Jaffe Foundation, for her in-progress novel, Red Wagon. Her memoir/essay "Positive I Don't Have a Uterus" was recently published in The Butter, and her short story "Everything a Woman Should Have" in Cultural Weekly. Other short stories have been published in charming, short-lived literary magazines, online journals and the occasional anthology.

Myer was recently featured on NPR's The Moth Radio Hour, with her real-life story, Near Mrs.

Listen to Myer talk about walking at night on a podcast with Vanessa Lowe on Nocturne.

Myer's first novel, Hoodoo, was serialized on Fiction365. She is the founder of the literary reading series Portuguese Artists Colony, and editor at PACBooks.

Myer has a deadly groin kick.

Check out Dawn Oberg's new album, "Bring," featuring the song "Caitlin and Fire."

Gracegod the collective made a video poem called God Time Extract, inspired by Myer's short story "God Time."